Vordergabel Swap Marzocchi

Alles was die Technik der G650X - Moto - Country - Challenge betrifft.
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Re: Vordergabel Swap Marzocchi

Beitrag von dgr » 10.01.2021, 15:32

Just a heads up for anyone considering a Shiver conversion; this is only possible on the Xchallenge and Xcountry forks, NOT on a Xmoto :!:

The Xmoto has less offset in the axle clamps so if you try to drill out the bottom to make room for the shiver compression adjustment, the hole will interfere with the front axle. Ask me how I know :roll:
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This picture shows Xcountry axle clamps, where the front axle has more offset towards the front.

The xchallenge has the same offset as the Xcountry, they are both "Shiver compatible".

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Re: Vordergabel Swap Marzocchi

Beitrag von inti » 10.01.2021, 18:39

Oh, Sch....e :(