Assemble clutch

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Assemble clutch

Beitrag von sanderdol » 27.06.2020, 18:06

Hi all,

Anyone have experience with clutch assemby?

I put all plates back together accoording to REPROM instructions. And the result is that the clutch does not disengage.

I followed the text in Reprom : " Install the oiled plates, starting with a steel plate. Steel plates (2) and lined plates (1) alternate, marked lined plate always at the top. "

Tried to find any marker on the lined plates accoording to "Marked lined plate always on top", but could not see a mark on any of the linedplates. :?


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Re: Assemble clutch

Beitrag von treelo » 28.06.2020, 10:24


Now i think i know what is ment with marked lined plate...
One plate is -as far as i can remember- slightly different to the others, if you look the surface.
And it is marked with a green? line at the edge.
This plate is the last to assemble.

in my version of the REPROM (3rd Edition 07/11) does it look like this
There is nothing of "...marked lined plate always at the top...
As i can remember there are no marks on the steel plates (missunderstood it and was wrong> see update).

We once have a discussion here how to install these steel plates correctly,
because they have a sharp and a soft end.
A BMW mechanic told me back then,
that he couldn't find anything in his documets about the assambly direction of the steel plates.
The only important thing is to install them all in the same direction.
Either sharp or soft end towards the engine.

Cheers Stephan

btw: Where are you from? Maybe a forum member next to you could help.
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Re: Assemble clutch

Beitrag von sanderdol » 28.06.2020, 11:44

Hi Stephan,

I have the 1st edition of the Reprom and it shows:
So I might need an update...

From what I saw there is no soft or sharp side on the steel plates. Also the friction plates (lined plates) all look the same.
There is no remark in the Reprom other than start with a steel plate and alternate.
It all looks straight forward to me.

I disassambled the clutch to check on wear because I had the clutchcover modified by Peter. My X has 29kkm on the clock and it seemed like a good thing to do before the cover wears out a lot. What started all this was that I experienced clutch drag and had difficulties finding neutral.

There is no visible sign of excessive wear of the friction plates and all are within wear limit.
But two of the steel plates were blue which is due to overheating, I removed that with a licht abbrasive spunge you use in the kitchen.

I will ask around in the Dutch community and check with the Facebook group as well.

Just want to do some more research before I replace the clutchplates with new ones.